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0 of 500 Seats Remaining

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About the Party

How it works?

Your ticket will be sent via text directly after you secure your seat to the party.

When is the party?

This Wednesday on July 3rd at 2pm EST.

Can I tell my friends?

Yes, but hurry! Seats are going fast.

Does everyone get a free prize?

Yes! Everyone who participates in this PARTY will receive a Little Climber Board Book and our stunning Little Steps balance toy.

Anything else I need to know?

Yes. The top codes and top free prizes will go fast. We suggest shopping in advance and adding products to cart.

Will 50% Codes work on Playsets?

Yes! Your ticket includes all playsets and products. This party is a site wide sale on

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0 of 500 Seats Remaining

Wednesday 2pm est

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