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Little Rider

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Intuitive Playtime for Ages 18mo to 8yr

✔️ Daily Exercise

✔️ Gross Motor Skills

✔️ Balance Control

✔️ Muscle Growth

✔️ Expands Creativity


About Little Rider

Little Rider is our new children’s product designed to boost physical activity and stamina. Plus, Little Rider benefits playtime imagination - encouraging Littles to gallop, run, and jump for a full body exercise.

Select from Horse or Unicorn

Includes Read-Along Board Book

Lightweight for 18mo to 8yr

Natural Premium Hardwood

Baby Friendly Sealant (0-Voc)

Built by Lily & River Workshop

Dimensions: 32 x 14 x 4


Includes Read-Along Board Book

The book Little Rider is a rhyming story teaching children about love, kindness and how to lend a helping hand.  Written and illustrated by the father and creator of Lily & River.